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Chinas Flugzeugträger: Peking startet erste Hochseefahrt


Lukas Schneider
Lukas Schneider
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China’s new aircraft carrier, the Fujian, has successfully completed its first sea trial, marking a significant milestone in China’s naval modernization efforts. The sea trial focused on testing the propulsion and electrical systems of the carrier, which is China’s third aircraft carrier and was launched in 2022. Over the course of eight days, the Fujian underwent rigorous testing to ensure the functionality and reliability of its key systems.

Successful Testing and Return to Jiangnan Shipyard

The sea trial was executed with precision, and the expected results were achieved, demonstrating the effectiveness of the carrier’s propulsion and electrical systems. Following the successful testing, the Fujian safely returned to the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai, where further work will continue to enhance the carrier’s capabilities.

Implications for China’s Military and Maritime Advancements

The successful sea trial of the Fujian signifies significant progress in China’s military capabilities and maritime advancements. With the addition of the Fujian, China’s naval fleet is strengthened, bolstering its strategic positioning in the region and elevating its role as a major player in maritime security.

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